George Elsbett LC

Fr. George was born in London, grew up in Canada and has been living in Vienna for more than fifteen years. He is the theology consultant for all of KUNSTGLAUBE's exhibitions.

David Rastas

David has been living in Vienna since November 2012 and has been researching contemporary art in Churches since completing studies in art history and architecture. He is the curator for KUNSTGLAUBE's exhibitions.


The planning and realising of each of KUNSTGLAUBE's exhibitions requires a huge team of supporters, volunteers and staff. The Votivkirche exhibition involved twenty-six members of staff and forty-seven volunteers.

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Ben, London

Published Aug 30.


"A profound exhibition that has opened my eyes and my heart.. For so many years I have found it difficult to enter the Church. I love these buildings but I am overwhelmed with a feeling of unease at the thought of being in a church. Until today, I have not known why this is so. I`d convinced myself that it was because of the people, because of the rules, because of the institution. But today, this exhibition and Theology of the Body that it so gently engages have helped me to see things more deeply, to see things as they really are. I have already been here several times since the exhibition opened. The first time I came here I must be honest and say that I had no idea what I was looking at. But these artworks have stayed with me, they keep coming back to me. The experience I`ve had with each of the artworks has remained with me. As a result, I am changed. I feel as though I have been reborn. The reason why I did not feel comfortable in the Church was because I did not feel comfortable with my sexuality. I was afraid that my sexuality was “disordered”, I was afraid that all that is available to “church people” was not available to me. But I have realized today, as I reflect once again on these beautiful, incredibly inspiring artworks, my soul, my spirit has not been invited into my body. I’ve been living a struggle between spirit and flesh but only in a way that I have perceived it as such. Through the relationship that each of these artworks have to each of the chapels, to this remarkable church, I have discovered that my body is not opposed, separate or at war with my spirit. As the video projection on the window invites me to reflect on spiritual and bodily desires, I realize that my desires, my deepest desires are longing for one thing. If these artworks can sit comfortably in this Church and I can feel comfortable here through the access these works provide, then my spirt can feel comfortable in my body. My spirituality can sit comfortably within my corporeality just as my sexuality sits comfortably for the first time ever, in the Church. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to discover the healing power of art and the possibility of deep transformation," Ben, London

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David Rastas

Published Aug 28.


The installation of Anders Krisár’s The Birth of Us (Boy) in the Votivkirche embraced the viewer through the interplay of an unfamiliar object in an extraordinary space, but also through the most pronounced contrast of scale, ranging between the scale of the nave and the scale of the polyester resin sculpture. The range of emotional responses to the symbolic consequences of adult hand prints pressed into a child’s torso was immense. The location of the hyper-real sculpture within a space activated by ritual, where the viewer is symbolically removed from the everyday, gave permission for a thoroughly subjective response. Through ritual, this separation from the everyday enables an unexpected encounter with the threshold state of the symbolic ritual world.

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