Curated by David Rastas

A series of exhibitions of contemporary art installed in ritual architecture.
An exhibition that examines various forms of masculinities at a venue that has received an exemption from the discrimination act - to exercise the right to only allow access to individuals who present as male.
‘Peripheries’ is a series of exhibitions and interventions of art ‘from the peripheries’ in unexpected places across regional Australia. The project takes place on the periphery of the art world and aims to give agency to art produced on the margins. The objective is to take local, regional and international art from the peripheries and install it in innovative, challenging and thought-provoking ways at sites of social, cultural and historical significance. The project examines the politics of institutional exclusion and emphasises the transferability of authorship in the production of meaning between art-maker and receiver.
A series of interventions of public sculptures along the south eastern coastline of Australia that draw attention to the problem of plastic usage and the impact it is having on marine life. Interactive coin-operated lookout sculptures offer historical views of the coastline and impressions of what the ocean may look like if we continue to allow plastic to enter the waterways.
The exhibition 'Dreams & Realties' involves a series of interventions of contemporary art in the bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and bathrooms of display homes. The exhibition will offer an opportunity to reflect on what it means to design a "dream home" and examine the phenomenon of designer homes in contemporary Australia. Artworks by local, regional and international artists will be loaned from private collections and commissioned by Other Spaces Projects. A website, virtual tour and catalogue will accompany the exhibition.
Reconstruction of 1937 Entartete Kunst exhibition as an immersive VR experience
An exhibition exploring the role of humour.
Exploring naked rituals through contemporary performative, situational and relation art in Saunas, Bathhouses and Onsens
A series of interventions in an abandoned nursing home that examine the importance of rest.
A series of public sculptures marking an Australian camino with accompanying 3D Binaural audio walk.